Managed WordPress

At Small Business Solutions, our availability after-the-launch is what separates from many of our competitors. As a way to keep your website up-to-date and adhering to the latest WordPress standards, we offer a Monthly Managed Hosting package.



This service package includes the following:

Emergency Support will provide the Client with access to a dedicated support email address that will be monitored regularly.

Routine Backups / Disaster Recovery will maintain regular backups of the Client’s website and will provide prompt recovery response in the instance of a disaster (such as, but not limited to, a malware or hacking attempt).

Core & Plugin Updates will maintain all core WordPress updates and individual plugin or theme updates monthly. The Consultant will only process updates that are released on a stable version.

Database Optimization will run monthly database health scans on the website’s SQL database and optimize it accordingly.

Page Speed Improvements will perform regular optimizations to the website to maintain optimal page speed scores. These improvements include, but are not limited to, WEBP image compression, Javascript minification, CSS minification, HTML optimization, and lazy loading integration.

Site Security Optimized (DDoS/Malware) will monitor and take action against any threat found attempting to penetrate the website.

Why Hire Web

Hiring a great web design team puts you at an immediate advantage over your competitors. An expertly-designed website sets you apart – it combines usability with function to deliver a pleasant, seamless experience.

Web Design

Your web presence is the storefront of your business and sets the first impression for every customer. Skip the cookie-cutter templates and invest in capturing the essence of your business on the web.

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Business Development

Organize your thoughts, prioritize your focus, and accentuate your staff’s strengths. Building a business requires a strong foundation and can sometimes be overlooked when you’re caught up in the enthusiasm!

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IT Consulting

Integrate technology into your every day routine to maximize your efficiency, cut costs, and allow you to focus on truly important tasks to grow your business.

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Establish an identity for your business that echos your voice. With media experience across several industries, we implement low-maintenance marketing plans that put your brand at the forefront.

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A good SEO strategy will increase organic traffic and improve your search results ranking, driving nearly 1,000x more hits to your site than posting on social media.

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Virtual Events

Outsource the management of your virtual events, webcasts, & webinars. We use a browser-based solution supporting up to 10,000 live attendees and provide post-event recordings.

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Website Security

Mitigate the potential for your site to be compromised with cyber security experts. We offer a range of services from one-time hardening to regular security practices.

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Social Media Management

Original content creation and uniformed post scheduling across all of your social media assets.

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Are you ready for your next project? Small Business Solutions is a technology consulting agency specializing in web design, digital marketing, branding, and business development for small businesses, non-profit organizations, and startups. Based in New Jersey, serving clients across the continental United States with SEO optimization, graphic design, analytics, e-marketing, CRM and CMS implementations.