Technology for Small Business

As an established development leader in the open-source community, S-FX.com has built and launched over 300 websites on the WordPress Content Management system.

With what started as just a blogging platform, WordPress has grown to become synonymous with user-friendly, scalable web development projects.  It’s estimated that there are nearly 64 million websites built on the WordPress platform, compensating for nearly 40% of the internet.

We choose to build our strategies around the WordPress platform due in large part to:

  • An engaging community – With so many developers utilizing WordPress daily, it’s easy to find a solution to a seemingly impossible problem in a matter of hours.
  • A library of quality plugins – While we caution our clients to avoid the over-use of plugins, having access to hundreds of thousands of them allow us to save time and lower the expected costs of new projects.
  • Nearly infinite scalability – It’s important that your website be able to grow with your business. Because of the template-system and coding protocols in place, WordPress can scale easily and rapidly to keep up with new requirements.
  • Security – The WordPress community is actively finding ways to patch, improve, and harden the WordPress security protocols, producing frequent updates. These updates keep website one step ahead and constantly proactive in exploit prevention.

In addition to being WordPress experts, our development team is also familiar with other open-source platforms such as Joomla and Drupal.  In some cases, one of these platforms may be more appropriate for a project.

The world of open-source software is vast and plentiful.  Finding ways to leverage it software is an integral aspect of our business model.