7 Ways to Improve your Online Reputation.

April 21, 2022

The online reputation of a service or a business might be much more important than it seems. We are living in a moment ruled by the world wide web, so everyone will probably take a look at the reviews of anything before fully committing to a contract or buying. That’s why you need to invest your time well, seek help from professionals if needed, and know your limits, that means: knowing when to call a professional.

So, how do I improve my Online Reputation?

First things first. You have to take your online presence very seriously, if you ask why, it’s because it can be a very powerful marketing strategy. There will be some details that you’ll have to prioritize. Online Reputation Management is not something to be taken lightly. The future of your project relies on a big part on these little details.

  • Brand Name: Obviously, you need a name that is not associated with another bigger brand because you’ll probably never be seen. Think wise and choose a unique name with personality that describes your product or service just by mentioning it. There are some sites you can find such as Lucidpress, which can be very helpful when it comes to creating or refreshing the identity of your business.
  • Social Media Presence: Yes, that means exactly what you’re thinking: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, Twitter and so on. You have to be seen on the main Social Media platforms when someone types the name of your business in the search engines. That leads us to another important point: selecting the right platform is crucial. If you sell, let’s say, handmade earrings, Pinterest could work awesomely, but Twitter could make it hard for you to position your product. nline Reputation comes irectly from the views and engagement.
  • Updates: Let’s say you’re already present in the adequate platforms, but things don’t end there. You have to update them quite frequently. Let me explain: if I search something today, 2022, but the last update of that specific business was in 2017. I, as a customer,  will automatically think you’re no longer working. I might even start thinking about the reasons. Let’s be honest, Covid-19 changed everything. Businesses need, or more like must, keep their presence on the web updated as frequently as possible. That’s how you let your customers know you’re active and ready to work!
  • Reviews: They’re very important because when someone looks up your business name on the web, it won’t be good if a dozen of bad comments show up. How can you manage this? By listening to your clients. Ask them for their opinion, use surveys, and make them rate your work with stars. However you want it, but listen to them, because after all, they are spending their money and sounds pretty logical to expect a good service. Of course, we all know there is some kind of always unsatisfied customer, but one in ten, to say something, won’t affect you. If you have many good reviews, it will improve your Online Reputation.
  • Responses: People love to be heard, we all love to be heard! If you care about your customers and give them a personal response, they will be beyond satisfied. They’ll know you got their message and give it the required importance. When it comes to business not always the customer is right, but if you want to grow, you better hear what they have to say and give them, at least, a “we’ll work on it, thank you for your feedback”. That’ll do the trick.
  • Humility: If you or one of your workers made a mistake, the best solution is to accept it, embrace it, and move on. We’re all humans and humility is a value that not many businesses have today. That will give your customers the sensation that you are approachable and therefore will feel more comfortable reaching you, regardless the mistake you or your worker made in the past.
  • NO Internet Drama:  Let’s say this person left an unfair terrible review on your page, insults, cursing, all the ornaments. Please, don’t start a fight over nonsense. Just politely thank the person for their review and tell them that you’ll have it present in the future. Drama attracts gossipers, but not clients, as a matter of fact, drama pushes away potential clients. No business wants to end up being a meme, Like Will Smith. It was funny, but the consequences were not.

One man army?

If you think that this is a lot, besides all that needs a business to be positioned; then seek some help! It doesn’t have to be only you. Find some people that specialize in positioning your brand and give it an awesome look on Media Platforms, like us, so don’t hesitate to check our services. Also, you can surround yourself with some key employees that might help you, for example, with Social Media updates, responding to reviews and stuff like that. Seek help! You don’t have to carry the world upon your shoulders.

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