Due to Facebook’s authoritarian policies, Small Business Solutions, LLC. no longer holds a presence on their platform.

Despite maintaining an active, engaging business page since 2011, Facebook suddenly and abruptly decided to deactivate and ban our business page earlier in 2021.

When trying to dispute the censorship, our page was deleted entirely.  We subsequently filed multiple tickets with Facebook’s Customer Support Team and spent hours sitting through routine chat prompts.

We were met with the simple response that, “Facebook could not provide us any information as to the exact reason the page was terminated. That information is proprietary.”

By chance, we had encountered a mutual connection who worked at the executive-level in Facebook.  This connection was able to restore our business pages and we continued to post the same, quality content we post on all other platforms.

Within 60 days, this page was also abruptly terminated without reason.

After sharing our experience, we’ve learned that several other businesses have experienced the same abrupt deletion, losing thousands of followers, without any explanation.

As such, we strongly discourage the use of Facebook as your primary source of business.  Facebook has the discretion to remove your page without any warning, notice, or even reason.